Back to the present

Its been an exciting December so far

i  remember my last post on happy or crappy december

When i remember how i felt when i wrote that post then and how i feel now, i know indeed that God is good.

Everybody knows Nollywood is not a good industry to break into, you gotta PAY YOUR DUES.

So lets talk a break from the past and dive into the future, after 11 years of my french leave, i decided to go back to my first love. I mean the heart wants whats its wants right?

Enter Me …Auditions Auditions Auditions.

Very easy to get lost in the crowd, my very first audition i was No 898….Yep… go figure.

Anyways my Christmas miracle happened last week when just like that i got a small gig to play ‘Caregiver’ in a movie directed by talented director Kabat Esosa Egbon alongside Mercy Johnson….Yeah Mercy Johnson, it was the highlight of my year.

I’ve been lost and confused and looking for a sign anything at all, and the effortless way i got the chance just validated me and just like that my happy turned to crappy.

There is hope.There is always hope

Comfort Akpan
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