Do you remember your first time?

Ladies…remember when you were 15, and you read your first mills and boons? you saw the perfect man…tall,dark and handsome….and most importantly rich…oh very rich.

And the sex…oh my God the sex…no no lovemaking, definitely making love…

Just a pageful of steamy hot scenes and heated kisses is enough to make you want to grow up quick.

Well i did grow up, and i realized i had been duped…Loretta Chase, Julia Quinn and other romance writers had gulled me, i was the perfect victim of deception.

You see, my first time was a nightmare…the good thing was its with a guy i really liked but still …its was disastrous. i still shudder thinking about it.

Where was the long heated kisses, the gentle caresses, the multiple orgasms that the romance novels had promised me. it was like a glass of ice cold water poured on my face.

The guy just kissed me for minute and went down to business. It was hell i say

First time

First time

Do you remember your first time…Feel free to share


Comfort Akpan
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