Does size really matter?

I had met Dapo at the mall three weeks ago and was totally charmed, he is everything i like in a man, physically i mean. The first time i spent the night in his house, it was bliss, he had ordered Chinese and opened a bottle of wine,it was perfect. The scene was so romantic that we didn’t even finish dinner and already we were tearing each other’s clothes apart and wildly kissing ourselves as we made our way to his bedroom.

i want you inside me now, i moaned, i was beyond wet, my gad! the guy could kiss. Quickly he complied and i could feel his finger slide inside me, it wasn’t enough, i wanted to the real thing.No i moaned, not your finger ,i want you inside me,now. Am in, am in,he groaned in response, can’t you feel me.

Press pause.

You in…You mean that is not your finger?

Size? Matters? Matters not?


Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah

Its more about how you use it….One of phire ladies said

Some men have penis size that are smaller than average… And i tell you,  no matter how he wields it, its like a small fish swimming in a big ocean.

So i guess in some ways the wand matters more than the magician.

I’ve ended a relationship before because of his penis size, one of my phire ladies said, ain’t no way am faithful to that she concluded.

Before we conclude,lets analyze

Cock Facts:

An average cock should measure about 3.5 inches while asleep and at least 5.16 inches while wide awake, could be more(wink). So any fully erect penis smaller than 5 inches is not average.Anything smaller……

Men: If you have a small size cock ( and you always know but refuse to admit it) you can learn how to compensate by doing other things like being a good ass kisser, fondle the heck out of that boobs,and other crazy foreplay you can both enjoy.

Ladies: If your man is insecure about his pen size

1. Tell him that it’s not his size that pleasures you, it’s the way he uses it
2. Let him know that your satisfaction in having sex with him is not based on the physical size of his penis, it’s based on the love, intimacy, and affection he shows you before, during and after you make love.
3. Remind him that you love him for his big heart – not his little man.





Comfort Akpan
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