Dynamic Lady: Eriata Ese

Eriata is the perfect blend of amazing multi faceted personalities….She’s all heart, soul and body.

On her wits and skills she solely depends…

Her creativity knows no bounds.

There is no end to this diva’s talent, from a force to reckoned with on Gulder Ultimate Search to beauty queen of Candy City,  to Osas the edo girl to mama Sikira  the beautician, this prolific diva is one good end to another.

Mama Sikira

Mama Sikira

Her acting skills is unmatched as seen in her perfect interpretation of  the funny characters of her comedy skits.She runs a make up studio and makes her own wigs….hmmmmm, where does she find the time, she’s superwoman alright.

Eriata Ese is an actress, singer, model, songwriter,comedian,make up artist, she’s amazing, she inspires us.

Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen Candy City





Comfort Akpan
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