Is it rape if I enjoyed it afterwards?

No means No, there is no middle ground of stop it i like it.

Why can’t guys get that.

I ran into one of old friends at Debonairs Pizza last sunday. After all the gist and chatter over a hot triple decker pineapple and chicken pizza( my mouth waters just thinking of it)i idly asked about her latest suitor Chris. With the gaiety gone from her voice, she said it didn’t work out.

Why i asked worriedly, the last time we spoke, she couldn’t stop gushing about him.

He raped me, she said, after a long pause she added, i think.

I think? i repeated incredibly.There is no i think in this, i yelled. He either raped you or he didn’t. Which is it?

She winced at my tone.

Which is it ? i repeated quietly this time. And she went on to narrate her story.

They had met three weeks ago and it was great, took her out, was attentive, even picked her up from work a few times.They had snatches of kisses here and there, but always brief and not very sensual.

It was saturday, she said, they had made plans to go watch Independence day 2 later in the afternoon, when it almost time, he called apologizing that he had to cancel, he didn’t feel too good, but could she come over to his place, he was weak and could barely move. She hesitated, she had never been to his place you see and was a bit skeptical about it. Please, he prodded, its was 2pm, he hadn’t eaten anything , could she just come fix him something, so he can take atleast take some pills to get better, Please…he begged. Against her better judgement, she gave in. He was sick, the least she could do was help him.

He texted his address and she went, the first thing she noticed was he didn’t look that sick as he opened his door to let her in,but she shrugged it aside. He had nothing in his house except indomie, so she cooked it and fried eggs and he ate.A few hours later, after she had washed the dishes and even tidied his room, she announced she was ready to leave, he said he had a few movies they could watch, she declined, seeing since he looked better and seemed to be doing okay, she’d best be on her way.

C’mon baby. Let’s netflix and chill, he cooed as he drew her in for a kiss, she responded at first, but when he deepened the kiss and it was becoming too intense she pulled back,  he held firm not letting her go and starting kissing her neck, progressing all the way to her breast

No no no she said softly pushing his head away

He responded by pulling her top down and taking one breast in his mouth.She admitted her breast is her most sensitive part and when he did that she almost melted, but she was certain she wasn’t ready to consummate the relationship quite yet, and even though her body was saying yes, her mind was still screaming no

Stop Chris ,please stop.

Shhhhh he responded,  fully suckling her breast now.

She pushed him firmly this time to make him know just how serious she was, but he pushed her  fully on the couch and quickly shrugged off his jeans, she said like a magic trick she saw that he had torn a condom pack with his teeth, and was trying to fit it on his fully erect penis, seeing this she jumped off the couch, but he used one hand to drag her back to the couch,covering her body with his own, at that moment it occurred to her that it was a wrong day to wear a gown with just G string beneath, Please she begged, No don’t,as before she could take the next breath, he used one finger to push the  G string out of the way and had sheath his penis fully inside her.

At that moment, i couldn’t breathe, all i could think was “i don’t want this”, not yet, should i fight him off, but to what purpose? he is already inside me? moving inside me

He wasn’t just pounding away, he kept kissing my breast and before i knew it was wet, i didn’t respond though, i just laid there passively like a doll, while he moved inside me,and nibbled my neck and sucked my breasts.I could tell guilt was the big reason he was being so attentive,he wanted to make sure i enjoyed it and i was determined not to give away any pleasant emotions, even though he was doing a damn good job on my boobs. I laid there as still as a cadaver

After what seem like an eternity, he gave a loud groan, shuddered and went still, i pushed him off me and went to clean myself up in the restroom.

He followed me and silently watched  as i tidied myself , funnily i still had all my clothes on, he hadn’t bother to take off anything.

You enjoyed it right? he asked quietly

It wasn’t rape.

I could tell you liked it, you were so wet.

Am not a rapist. it wasn’t rape.

What are your thoughts?





Comfort Akpan
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