Mr Marathon or Mr One Minute Man

Name: Mr Marathon

Sex identity: Macho Man

Movie Character: 50 shades of grey(almost)

Bio: short but intense foreplay but be careful once penetration commences the romance is over, can stay up for at least 2 hours  pounding and grinding, feels the need to show who is boss,dominant and very very male,determined to proof his sexual prowess

Major flaw:Selfish and too much control (May not care if the passage is dry or moist) my guy is there to pound.


Macho man

Macho man


Name: Mr One Minute Man

Sexual Identity: Geeky schoolboy

Movie Character: 40 year old virgin

Bio: long  and slobbering kisses,impatient hands everywhere,quick to take panties off.In and out and its over.Snores.

Major Flaw: Impatience and lack of control


geeky schoolboy

geeky schoolboy

So we had a big question for the guys last week , if they were TALKERS or DOERS?

I had a couple of interesting responses in my email with all them guys claiming to be stallions,hmm it’s too bad i can’t test out that theory.

Moving on..

Ladies how do like your sex? foreplay-long suffering act or a hit the nail on the head short.

First lets define Mr One Minute Man,he gets in there count to 10, he shudders and drop…Job done

Mr Marathon on the other hand fit dey there die for the matter.

I did a poll with the ladies last week, did last week it was even with varied responses.50% of the girls would prefer a one minute man and the other 50% would absolutely love Mr marathon, they were conditions however:

We would like our men to create a balance,on a work night, you can be one minute man, weekends however yeah pull up mr marathon we got all day.

Tips from the ladies

Mr Marathon:

More time on foreplay than the pounding.

Whilst pounding,ensure the passage is always lubricated (kissing and fondling can help with that)

Pay attention to the poundee, if she is getting tired…Go to the finish line already



Mr One Minute Man

Don’t expend all your energy on foreplay,when its time for the main act you already too excited up to perform for longer than one min

Become athletic: This can improve stamina

You can spend 3 mins and give the girl the ultimate sexual experience, you can also spend 2 hours and the girl is as dried up and unsatisfied as a dry fig.

Bottom line, our bodies are unique, find out what works for your girl and use it.

Happy Screwing…*wink*

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Comfort Akpan
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