No cyber life: Can you date a man that has no social presence?

I write about other people but this one is personal.

I met a guy 6 months ago and we clicked, he is intelligent and well bred. I liked him.

Now i do a little cyber stalking for every guy i meet, you know just to give me a little heads up and maybe a little inkling of the kind of person he is, and probably other secret like a wife and family somewhere, i mean you never know.

Now i know cyber life is not real life, but believe me, it helps

So i type his full name on good and reliable google to see what would come up. Nothing!

I tried different combinations with his name and still nothing.

Since i couldn’t covertly stalk up, i came up straight and asked  for his handle …And he said he had none

No instagram, No Twitter, No Facebook,..

Am i just being silly? Or should i run for my dear life?


Comfort Akpan
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