Paedophilia….More rampant in Nigeria than you think

Research shows that about 40% of every Nigerian girl-child  and 20% of  Nigerian boy-child has been sexually molested one way or another by a family member, a neighbor, a maid or house-help, a teacher and strangely though in rare cases sometimes even by their parents.

Further research showed that only about 10% of the abused children actually tell their parents or guardian about their experience.

I grew up in a fancy face me i face you flat. it was a 2 storey building with 6 flats on each floor, that is 12 flats in total and the ground floor being what i would call a spare part mall, as all the 6 shops downstairs all sold car spare parts except for one that was a mini mart/pharmacy.

Now each flat housed a family of at least 3 children and maybe one or two relatives squatting with them, so am talking 12 families, at least 12 relatives, 9 househelps, 45 children,24 parents, 6 shop owners and 8 apprentices to the shop owners all cramped up in this dinghy building. Now this is a recipe for disaster and every child’s nightmare.

Before the age of 7, i had been touched in my little girl place, fiddled by the offending hands of one of the male apprentice, sat on the lap(bulge) of one of the shop owners and posed as the father of one of my neighbor friend( who was my age) masturbated as he watched me danced in my towel tied around my flat waist, that i had no butt or breast didn’t seem to matter.

Anyways enough with my story….

Parents this tip should help you tell if your child is being molested

What to watch out for in your kids:

  • Nightmares, sleeping problems
  • Becoming withdrawn or very clingy
  • Becoming unusually secretive
  • Sudden unexplained personality changes, mood swings and seeming insecure
  • Regressing to younger behaviours, e.g. bedwetting
  • Unaccountable fear of particular places or people
  • New adult words for body parts and no obvious source
  • Talk of a new, older friend and unexplained money or gifts
  • Physical signs, such as, unexplained soreness or bruises around genitals or mouth, sexually transmitted diseases
  • Running away
  • Not wanting to be alone with a particular child or young person, adult, relatives


  • Bathe your child yourself at twice a week,
  • look for changes in their bodies( bites, soreness in their genitals)
  • observe them while they are not looking, watch how they relate with any relative living with you.
  • Talk with your child, ask questions
  • Above all please protect your kids, it’s a wicked world out there.

God help us.

Comfort Akpan
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