Single At 30: Every Woman’s Nightmare

Last Friday
i was at my dear friend’s 30th birthday
she was so excited to be hitting the Big 3 that she spared no expense on the celebration
She made 3 huge cakes,did a photo shoot, booked a section at the club and the whole  lot
While we were drinking and dancing i noticed she was missing
15mins…30mins, everybody was asking for the birthday girl

i became very anxious set out to look for her

After roaming the club to the delight of the perverted and inebritated guys at the club who kept whistling and tryinng to touch my bum

Worriedly i went outside and spotted her at the parking lot
as i got closer i saw that she was hunched over a car,clutching her chest and sobbing pitifully
Fully panicked  now i hurried to her
whats wrong i asked?
on seeing me she only cried harder
Comfort, she said..engulfing me in a hug
what? i asked,rubbing her back,seriously worried now
Am single she finally let out

Am 30 and am single, she sobbed loudly
i just held her with this dumbfounded look at my face.
I couldn’t believe what i was hearing.
Single at 30 is that really a crime for a woman?
i mean who set this rules..why does life begin for a man at 30 and seem to end for a woman

This was a very succesful girl with a good job and a good life who i fully admired and secretly envied, crying pitifully in an abandoned parking lot about having no husband, like being single at 30 is like the biggest crime a woman can commit against humanity.
Ladies please ,if before the age of 30, you find a man you can’t live without,go right ahead
if not, please please please do not let society dictate when you should get married
That marriage thing is for life dear…Ain’t no need to to hasten it

Comfort Akpan
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