That’s What She Said



Lets talk about sex


Ladies, I know I speak for y’all when i say SEX is the bane of our existence.

From the age of 10( when your breast buds starts to sprout, the boys notice even before you do,and they are onto you like flies to honey. Growing up, it doesn’t get any easier

sex and ladies

Anyways, am not here to cockbash, we’ll save that for another day lol.

There are two kinds of men as far as the sex world is concerned

The MEN who can do it.

And the MEN who can just talk about it (stamina dem no get)

(and the people who talk about the people who do it; namely me)

so we have

Men that can TALK but cannot DO

And Men that can DO but don’t TALK

(Incase you don’t know we ladies love the latter)

There’s rarely  a hybrid of the two

Now a question for the men

Are you a doer or a talker?

Ladies,If you’ve dated the talker,boy! How exhausting

if you’re a talker but cannot do stop it oh,you will just go and raise the girl’s hope for nothing, after the action film,nothing for the girl….Just stop it….Put your prowess where your mouth is..

Came all the way for nothing

Came all the way for nothing

For them DOERs …Them Stallions…Them Studs…Keep them coming baby…we  love you

Stay tuned guys, in my next article, i will be giving  tips straight from the ladies mouth on how we like it *winks*


Comfort Akpan
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