Top 10 Annonying Catchy Naija Songs

Ever hear a song on the radio that you didn’t like at first, but they play it so much that the next time it comes on you see yourself singing along. The damn thing just get stuck in your head.

Don’t get me wrong this songs were commercially successful but only because it was shoved down on throat.

Lets countdown to our annoyingly catchy songs of all time.


 10: Dbanj: Why me

Fine we grew to love it but is swear when i first heard this song from the kokomaster i thought here we go again. This song turned to be one of the most successful song on his Run down Album.

9: KCEE: Tinana

Ok i have Kcee back to back here, what can i say but repetitive lyrics and beats, did i mention he said “Stand by you”about 88 times…but who’s counting


8  Sample: Ekwe

The songs goes Sample…Ekwe….and so on…Need i say more?


7  The Mavins: Dorobucci

What the hell does dorobucci even mean….the overplay of the word in the song was just aaaarghhh..made me want to yank my hair off. Ironically, this is most successful song of the group and went ahead to bag them an award for Song of the year at both The Headies and MAMAs.



6  Terry G: Akpako

I don’t think we the list can survive without  a Terry G mention. An artiste whose music success has been based on radical songs and mad beats. Akpako is no different, It rankles when you hear it at first., but it sticks, and who can forget the incessant bell ringing.



5  Olu Maintain: Yahozee

Back when yahoo yahoo was the main thing, everybody was singing to this tune, nothing profound about the song just some catchy tunes.


4  Iyanya: Your Waist

Am guilty of dancing and wining to this song but honestly it was just another  nightclub annoyance with same monotonous lyrics. But heck, i’ll dance to that



Before we countdown to our last three, here are a few  honorable mentions


 Mini Mini Wana Wana: Maleeke

Who remembers this jam…hahaha, hilarious. It was pretty annonying but you forgive Maleeke after repetitive play.


 KCEE: Okpekete

Ok i hate this song…with its repetitive lyrics and meaningless message…But they played it so much we all know it now.


  Zulezoo: Kerewa

i remember coming back from school, and my 4 year old niece asked if i knew this song. She went ahead and sing the entire song for me, demonstrating each line as she sang..Talk about annonying…But catchy



3: Koker:  Ko le werk

shu shu peru wad wadido….What the fuck.I hate the song but i know the freaking lyric. Talk about annoying but catchy


This one is so special, its on a class of its own.

2: Wiz Kid:  Daddy Yo

Honestly between Shoki and Daddy yo, i had hard time deciding who takes the crown in this countdown, between the female vocal rendition of the hook  of Daddy Yo and wizkid laidback lyrics, this song clearly shows that Wizkid is a long way off his Pakurumo days… aaarrghhh


1: Lil Kesh:  Shoki

Before his hits like She le gan gan.. this kid was just another street bump killing our earbuds with his raspy voice. This beat and lyrics make you want to kill yourself and played so much that people who didn’t want to listen, listened, people didn’t want to sing to it, sang  to it and if you didn’t want to know the dance, you secretly danced to it



Did you enjoy our top 10  annoyingly but catchy songs. Stay tuned for me.





Comfort Akpan
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