Top 10 Bollywood Childhood Movies

Sunita Sunita…

Bollywood movies was a very big part of our childhood…With its long stories and the songs..For me the songs were the best part..

So today we are counting down the Top 10 indian movies of growing up.


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A story of a beautiful snakegirl who saved the life of a little boy, has he is grown she reveals herself to him and they fall in love…But will the mother let them be



A story of a man who does everything in his power to save his father who had been framed and wrongly sentenced to death.


# 8 DON

Amitabh Bachan at his best…Don is the story of  a criminal who has been evading the police for a long time, finally they have a showdown and he gets killed…It’s not over as he has a twin…a gullible dogood twin


# 7 Teri Meherbaniya

Master dog as we fondly call it… A clever dog avenges his masters death by killing all his murderers…This shows that dogs are indeed man’s bestfriend.



Not to be confused with our Nagina above..Nagin is the story of a vengeful snake who set out to avenge her snake husband who was coldly murdered by seven men



The most entertaining of this movie has to the dance..Ajay is a good boy who fell on hard times and becomes a thief, in a bid to better himself he changes his name to Vijay to start afresh..but will his past let him.


#4  Toofan

Don’t worry! Be Happy!

This one of the feel good movies,,,A movie about twins seperated at birth.Leading different lives and they have different personalities…Fighting different battles ..They unite..


# 3 MARD

This movie is about family and courage and love ……A couple gets separated with and years later defy all odds and obstacles to get reunited again



if you ask me i’d say its the best love story of all time..Sunita an orphan and a singer meets and falls in love with a rich boy…all is well until she meets his mother..Who said love is easy.



Seems Bollywood has a thing for twins… A story of a man who got killed by his business partners..His son gets killed as well when he finds out.  He seeks out his twin and together they avenge their father.


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