Top 10 Nollywood Classic Movies

Welcome to our Top 10 Nollywood countdown.

Today we are counting down the Top 10 classic movies of all time,these movies transcend age and time and has remained an all time favorite.

These movies are iconic and were commercially successful in their time and can be recommended to anyone.

Let’s begin


From the story line to the soundtrack this movie is truly one of the biggest nollywood blockbuster.Centred around religion and darkness Karishika is and will also be a an all time classic


# 9   MY LOVE

The movie that started the craze for love stories in Nollywood…Truelove,prisoner of love, could this be love, love never dies…Blah blah blah.. Written by one of Nollywoood finest Kabat Esosa Egbon, its a classic love story of love two lovers defy all odds to stay together. A must watch for every generation



One of Clem Ohamezie best, last burial is a skin prickling, toe curling semi horror movie about a widow (Eucharia Anunobi) who wants her deceased husband to be buried in the church while his fellow cult members want to bury him in their own creepy. This leads to a stand off that will leave you glued to the screen


#7  Domittilla

A Zeb Ejiro production about the oldest trade in the world. Domitilla is a story of a prostitute and her struggles in  a big city, its thrilling, emotional and action packed..



Who can forget a boy turning into a vulture and sh**ting money..Woah. This movie was a blockbuster in its time especially since rituals was a big thing in those days..Still thinking about it gives me shivers




Glamour girls is a action packed sexy movie that was a glory back in its day, with a star studded cast of Liz Benson, Zack Orji,  Eucharia Anunobi and all the big names back in its day, Glamour girls is still one of the best movies made in Nigeria.



Did i mention that ritual killings were the rage back then, Billionaire’s club has been one of the best  ritual movies of its time, of course it was star studded…This story is captivating, educational,,thrilling and completely true..Its a must watch for every generation



Centered around the ongoings of the bakassi boys…noticed issakaba is bakassi spelt backwards. Sam Dede gave an amazing performance as the leader of a renegade group of vigilante who are out to seek justice for corruption happening in the state.




Anyone who has seen this movie knows its one of the most emotional movies of all time..With stellar performance from Joke Silvia, Ramsey Noah, Alex Usifo. A story about a good boy led into armed robbery by bad friends which led to the murder of his brother and his father who was the judge declaring him guilty and sentencing him to death. Very touching.


Before we reveal our number one, here a few noble mentions

# Out of Bound

# Violated

# Conspiracy

# Diamond Ring


Enough of that…Now let’s get to our Number #1, of the biggest, best, story so beautifully written and unforgettable……


If you are an ardent fan of Nollywood you will agree that this movie was way ahead of its time, with its story like no other and an amazing performance by all the casts. IGODO is a pace setter and set the tone for every epic movie that came out of Nollywood. Truly a classic


Did you enjoy our list…Stay tuned for more. Lovely weekend





Comfort Akpan
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