Am scriptwriter not an actress

After the exciting week i had at the AGN, I was all set up to be a part of the  magic

I had got a call from Mr Obi, remember him from the last entry, he invited me to his office in Pako Aguda in Surulere, i took my first script about 200 pages long, neatly typed and stapled and proudly set out for my important appointment.

When i got there, there was a movie audition holding and i saw lots of girls and guys all trying out for the role.Andy Best was the director.

I took a seat and observed, watching real life interesting scenes play before with girls interpreting the script the best way they knew how. The highlight of this was when one of the girls was asked to catwalk, i swear the girl got down on all fours and starting to walk like a cat, My God! That’s when i knew i was in the right place.


Cat walking

Cat walking


After they had gone through all the girls, one of the casting crew saw me and asked me to come try out,No! I responded

Am an a scripwriter not an actress.


Comfort Akpan
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