Create your bucket list

By simple definition

“A list of things to do before you die”    Before you kick the bucket ergo bucket list

Everybody should have one..

The goal of creating a bucket list isn’t to instill some kind of a race against time or steaming from the fear of death.I see it as a life guide. Life is not measured by age but by the accomplishment and achievement we have been able to amass in our short space of time here on earth.


10.  Adopt an orphan…a very cute orphan baby….don’t judge me the world is ugly enough 

9:    Experience Multiple Orgasm….Yes…I want the multiple orgasm all those romantic novel authors promised me.
 so far i’ve been faking…(gotta feed his ego)
8: Do a song with Tekno……Any song. Why him? His rhythm got me
7: Learn a new language…. Spanish. The only word i know in Spanish is Te Amo…Thanks to Rihanna
6: Have a 26 inches waist for once in my life….How? i have no freaking idea
5:  Make a big difference in somebody’s life….I want to completely do something for someone that will change his/her life for the better
4: Perform on a stage with at least 100,000 adoring fans….That’s the dream baby
3:   Meet Jackie Chan…..I don’t understand  it either but i love this guy
2: Watch the making of a Bollywood Movie. All the singing and dancing fascinates me
1: Win a prestigious award….Anyone, i don’t care just hand it over
This last one is so important i couldn’t even number it
* Produce and direct a box office movie: My God! i gotta do this one at least
All done.
Go ahead and create yours….you have the rest of your life to do it.


Comfort Akpan
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