December! Happy or Crappy

December is here!

So soon for some.

Couldn’t come earlier for others.

For me, am a but ambivalent towards it.

A part of me wants the year to quickly come to end …it’s been a looooong and tough one.

Another part just wants to hold onto 2016….Don’t go yet… Just one dream actualized, one wish granted..

The beginning of the year always bring new hopes, new dreams, new wishes… and the optimism that we all have every 1st of Jan is amazing, infectious…New beginning we all say…

December errrrr not so much…

Today is 4th of December.

Like my good friend said “am waiting for an eleventh hour miracle” As are we all

I’ll come back to this post on the 1st of Jan

For now, I wish you all an eleventh hour miracle

Fingers crossed.

As for now Crappy December



Comfort Akpan
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