The Nightmare called Nollywood Part 2

You know your dreams..

You have set your goals…

How and where to start is always the problem.

Especially in an industry like Nollywood that has no beginning or end, no headquarters or even an office to represent the entire industry as big as it sounds. Shame

While battling the first step to take….a friend that had played a waka pass in a one movie,gave me veteran film maker’s phone number Uzor Amadi, even without meeting me he gave me a contact of another film person Mr Duru and said i should meet with him, he will put me through. I was beyond elated,finally a head start i breathed.

I excitedly called Mr Duru and he asked me to come to National Theatre for the AGN(Actors Guild Of Nigeria) weekly meeting that will hold on thursday, you can imagine my joy.

On the Dday, i saw everybody who was anybody, Emeka Ike winked at me, Desmond Elliot shook my hand, Kate Henshaw smiled at me…I had died and gone to heaven.

Mr Duru was nice enough to show me around, proudly strutting like a peacock with me on his arms,to the envy of his fellow film makers, who were all wondering who the fine newbie was, and i, oblivious to the stir i was creating was enjoying my 15minutes of shoulder rubbing with the top dogs in my dream industry.

There was a little commotion and exchange with my peacock and another big movie maker of those days, we’ll just call him Mr Obi, and the next i knew my peacock grudgingly introduced me to Mr Obi,who was evidently more connected in the movie world than my peacock.I was in awe, as Mr Obi was very familiar to me both as an actor and a ace was a good day so far

I was on my way…Or so i thought

See you next week


Comfort Akpan
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